SOP Definition / Operations Auditing & Benchmarking Services

Why Operations Auditing & Benchmarking / SOP Definition Services?
This service helps retailers define Standard Operating Procedures which in turn optimizes resource utilization. These procedures also integrate the retailer’s system and ensures smooth flow of information. They also set the operational benchmarks and standards which the retail team strives to achieve.

The broad areas that standard operating procedures cover are:

  • Retail Pro Operations / Store SOPs
  • Buying and Merchandising SOPs
  • Back end / Warehousing and logistics SOPs

For Whom?
Retail Pro Standard Operating Procedures meets the requirements of:

  • Retailers striving to improve their operational capabilities
  • Retail organizations who want to set high standards of operational and service excellence based on organizational goals and industry benchmarks
  • Retailers looking for cost reduction across various functions involved in retailing
    Entrepreneurs venturing into the retail segment who want to incorporate best practices right from inception


SOP Definition

Why Integrated Retail?
Integrated Retail carries out Operations Auditing and Benchmarking services based on the following strengths:

  • Large team with over 200 man-years of retail operations and business experience
  • Successful implementation track record of similar projects
  • Constantly updated repository of best business practices in retail from across the world
  • Data bank of benchmark retail performance data
  • Access to macro-economic data impacting overall retail and consumer businesses

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